Aurora Sailcloth Tents

Aurora Sailcloth Tents

Aurora Sailcloth Tents have become a customer favorite, as nothing quite beats a summer wedding with an airy, flowy Sailcloth. The tents are an oval shape with steel reinforced walnut wood poles supporting the perimeter every ten feet, with taller Queen and King centers poles supporting the peak of the structure. The top is a thick Sail-like fabric. There is a translucent quality to the fabric at night when the tent is lit from the interior.

These pole tents must be staked and are ideal for a large flat surface. They require a 7.5′ staking perimeter around the tent.

Sailcloth Tents can be outfitted with 10′ wide side walls, dance floors or full flooring, string lights, lanterns, heating or cooling. They can be constructed on top of our leveled platform system. They are a great choice for a range of guest counts, and can be a cost effective option for large events while adding an aesthetic quality.

Eave Height is 7′.

Available in the following widths:

Single Center Pole: 20′ Wide, 32′ Wide, 45′ Wide

Twin Center Poles: 59′ Wide

Available add-ons include:
Flooring, Lighting, Sidewalls, Doors, Leg Drapes, Climate Control, and more. Contact your tent specialist to learn more.
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